Building Relationships

Local Nonprofits

Our Policy Focus is Community Revitalization and Development. CEE works to support tax reform, education and work training, state and local sustainability initiatives involving the activities of nonprofits (NPOs as partners with governments and corporations. We offer workshops and services designed to help you! By using agency capacity and management development instruments, NPOs can more effectively accomplish the mission and meet the needs of stakeholders (grantors, clients, public).

Leave No One Behind!

CEE Reps are participating in the Upcoming 62 CSW.
NGO CSW/NY has organized the Forum in parallel with the Commission on the Status of Women to provide civil society an opportunity to engage with member states, UN agencies and other civil society members in the advancing of the women’s agenda at the United Nations.  As the largest Commission gathering at the United Nations, each year thousands of people come to the NGO CSW Forum to amplify women and girls’ voices to ensure that “no one is left behind”.
Join Us! To find out more, watch the video and download the agenda.

UN Alliances

We are members of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ( and the Civil Society. CEE, Inc. board members have a history of working on Criminal Justice Reform and Urban Community Revitalization and with not-for-profits providing services such as crime prevention, treatment and community reentry.

Policy Focus Areas:

  • Criminal Justice Reform Policies (police, corrections, courts, attorneys)
  • United Nations Standards and Norms on Crime Prevention Resolutions
  • Second Chance Act
  • Workforce Investment Act (education for ex-offenders)

CEE, Inc. is also a member of the Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice ( Join Us and make global changes to human rights and justice system reforms for community revitalization!