Dr. Kimberley Garth-James, President

Founder/manager of  KAGL & Affiliates, a small business located in Elk Grove, California, and focusing on education, research and public policy initiatives to help multicultural female offenders, and vulnerable in society. For more than 17 years she’s worked with local and international nonprofits on criminal justice, healthcare and education issues as a public servant specializing in public relations and project management using data and research and program development methods. Dr. Garth-James’ experience in consultancy on policy programs for the US Embassy, London, Department of Defense Dependent Schools, Eastcote, London, and Compliance Monitoring of Private Prison Industries Programs for the US Department of Justice and National Correctional Industries Association as well as policy advisor for the California Governor’s Office of Criminal Justice Planning, California Legislature (Senate) and California Department of Education focusing on large unified school districts, nonprofits and library-based literacy programs. She has been effective as a policy strategist and project manager to bring projects to completion and under budget. Accolades include certificates as data specialist from the California Department of Education, Outstanding Women’s Award from the YWCA, and a California Legislative Resolution for community service as well as international recognition. She has doctorate and master degrees in public policy (Policy and Public Service Program) and management and Six Sigma Black Belt (certification, 2014). Estimated time donated to CEE is 25 hours per week.

Ms. Jean Green, Treasurer

Ms. Green retired in 2012 after more than 30 years as governmental analyst for the California State Water Department. Her responsibilities were to financial analysis, coordination of public and private water suppliers and compliance monitoring. Ms. Green is instrumental in developing the CEE budget and paying close attention to financial rules and regulations. She has been a small business owner for about ten years, and well-known for effective financial management practices. She has an Associate Degree in Accounting, several classes in Financial Management from the University of California, Davis, and a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Ms. Christine Gordon, Secretary

Ms. Gordon has served as a public servant for about 20 years, as Education Program Consultant, for the California Department of Education. She has been instrumental in monitoring the budgets of hundreds of school districts accepting Adult Education Funds under the Federal Workforce Investment Act, and conducting administrative tasks involving written communication, maintaining documents and keeping minutes. She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ms. Karen Dueker, Board Member

Ms. Dueker has served as public servant and in the independent sector for several years. She is Regional Manager, Kentucky Office of Employment Training, and for nearly four years served as the Executive Director of Owensboro/Davies County Volunteer Center. Ms. Dueker was instrumental monitoring budgets, grant management and fundraising, strategic planning and leading the Volunteer Center (not-for-profit) organization to become a vital force in the Owensboro community. She certified with the National Association of Workforce Development.

Ms. Annet Ayesigye, Board Member

Ms. Ayesigye is has served the vulnerable populations as a social worker. She has worked for not-for-profit organizations providing literacy services, drug/substance abuse counseling and pathways to success for women to escape violence. She was born in Uganda, and is passionate about helping young people recover from drug/substance abuse; therefore, her work in urban areas such as Los Angeles, and San Francisco has benefited the efforts of civic and social not-for-profit organizations. Ms. Ayesigye has performed duties for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and has international support and constituents that are member organizations of the United Nations.  She is studying for the Masters’ degree in Social Work.

Mr. LaCharles James, Board Member

Mr. James (spouse of the President), is a retired peace officer. He has served in the Los Angeles and Santa Monica Probation departments for nearly 40 years overseeing caseloads, supervising probation officers, implementing policy and procedures, executing legal and judicial decrees and working to interpret the needs of the community in sentencing reports. He was a founder/President of a probation officers group that influenced positive changes in Los Angeles County Probation Department , which received the attention and support of members of the California Legislature.