About Us

CEE, Inc.: Consultation. Evaluation. Education.
Working together to lift your performance management index (PMI).

CEE is organized to provide nonprofits, charitable, civic and educational organizations services for purposes that correspond to the mission and vision.

To provide data metrics and process improvement, research and education services to local and international nonprofit organizations (NPOs and NGOs) that work alongside governments to build agency capacity and develop effective and efficient management systems to accomplish service delivery in various communities.


  • Consultation services that work closely with change agent leaders and our clients to identify and plan problem solving tactics to keep you in compliance.
  • Evaluation services include using statistical analysis (data mining) and decision making techniques such as FFA, project network diagrams, and Pareto charts, to assess, measure and validate process improvement opportunities and develop a control plan.
  • Education services to excite the clients about data metrics process improvement procedures for capacity building and management development to inspire a long-term commitment and dedication to the improvement process.

CEE is the answer to your questions:

  • How will work with a change agent leader help?
  • When will stop reacting and putting out fires?
  • How do I stay on task and achieve mission and goals for the protection of human rights?
  • When should we identify, prioritize and implement a plan to address problems facing our NPO/NGO?
  • Why create a framework for international standards and policies?
  • Why is doing work with nonprofits a test of professional career skills?
  • Why did we lose funding?